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Let’s get your website written – together.

Hello, over there! This letter is your personal invitation to join my Write Your Website lab, complete with all the bells and whistles to make writing your website a smoother, more enjoyable and profitable project.

Because the truth is, writing your website alone can be kinda rough. I’ve have more than a few smart and successful business owners tell me, “I’ve been trying to update my website for years” or “I’ve been so busy with clients, I haven’t made the time to work on my site.”

Somehow, this is the project that tends to fall to the bottom of our to do lists!

That’s why I’m pulling out all the stops – and giving you the training, the support, the community, and the resources you need to get your website written in the next 30 days.

If writing or updating your website is your top priority this quarter, I’d be honored to help you get it done.

If you’ve got questions, email me here stella@stellaorange.com and I’m happy to help you sort it out personally.

Hope to see you in class,

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The Write Your Website Lab: What to Expect

Write Your Website is a series of 5 lessons (you get access to all 5 as soon as you register). It’s designed for service professionals, coaches, healers, and freelancers. That said, we’ve had non-profits, artists, and owners of bricks and mortar business take the course – they tell us it helped them get their websites done, too.


What you’ll get done:
  • Write a Homepage
  • Write a Services page
  • Write an About page
  • Come up with a topic & title for your Awesome Free Gift (to build your list)
  • Write your opt-in page for your Awesome Free Gift
  • Write a customized questionnaire to qualify leads that want to schedule an initial session with you
Along the way...

…you’ll also discover and decide these key elements of your moneymaking message:

  • How to tell a powerful story about yourself
  • How to quickly express 1-3 ways you work with clients
  • The #1 result you promise clients
  • The #1 problem you help your ideal client solve or avoid
  • A hot topic that attracts your most likely buyers
You’ll also learn & practice these core copywriting skills
  • How to use hooks
  • How to use white space
  • Writing about benefits
  • How to write pull questions
  • How to write great headlines
  • Writing juicy and inviting calls to action

Here’s some info to help you decide if it’s right for you:

Watch Stella teach a class on structuring your homepage to resonate with quality clients online (runtime 75 minutes):


Check out a sample Writing Guide here:


How to Write It & What to Say

(PDF – 12 pages with exercises)

You’ll get one Writing Guide with each class of Write Your Website — for your Homepage, About page, Services page… even your Awesome Free Gift and opt-in page!


You’ll get everything you need to get your website done:




Four 60-minute classes that show you how to structure your web copy and delight your audience with a message that’s genuine and hype-free.



Listen to real-world questions answered

Hear Stella field questions at the end of every lesson and the special 90-minute Q&A session in lesson #5. Jam-packed with practical hints!



Writing Guides, cheat sheets and templates for every web page

Cut your writing time in half with our templates and Plan-Before-You-Write worksheets.



A 60-Day pass to Shut Up And Write

Join us for live group writing sessions via videoconference every Monday. It’s 90 minutes of pure get-it-done fun!

Don’t have anyone fun to write with?

The Write Your Website lab comes with a 60 Day FREE pass to Shut Up And Write!

Meets Mondays 3-4:30 pm EST (usually)


Shut Up And Write sessions meet live on videoconference for 90 minutes, 3 times a month. Part ritual and part workout, your regular attendance is all but guaranteed to make you more focused, disciplined and gentle with yourself about your writing process. WARNING: showing up and doing your work has been known to more clients and income!

Write Your Website Curriculum


Craft Your Powerful Story (How to Write Your About Page)


Solve Their Problem (How to Write Your Services Page)


Make the Connection (How to Write Your Homepage)


How to Get the Right People on Your List (How to Write An Awesome Free Gift & Opt-In Page)


Ask Stella Anything call



Masterclass with Christine Gallagher: The Technical Side of LeadPages



Supercharge Your Newsletter

How do you write your content in a week or less? How to you make sure people LOVE getting newsletters and look forward to reading your blog? Find out in this BONUS workshop!

Here’s what our alums have created with us in the Write Your Website lab:


Karen Costello | Transformative Life Coach


Anne Melnyk, Business + Marketing Strategist | Homepage, Services page, About page written in Write Your Website

Blue Chair Wisdom | Life coach dealing with chronic pain and trauma

Blue Chair Wisdom | Life coach dealing with chronic pain and trauma


Angela Patnode, Daringly Express Your Soul | Homepage, Services page, About page written in Write Your Website

I no longer suffer from web copy embarrassment.

Before I signed up for Stella Orange’s production lab, I was unclear about the best approach or format to use when I was writing my website and was spending a ridiculous amount of time writing and rewriting and never feeling I’d captured what I hoped to. So as soon as I read the brilliant copy on Stella’s website, I knew I had to sign up.

It was one of the best snap decisions I ever made. Stella’s simple, direct approach to writing and her personalized guidance proved to be absolutely invaluable. I got the bones of my website written in jig time with a minimum of angst! And an unexpected bonus was that I finally got clear about the services packages I wanted to offer my clients. I no longer suffer from web copy embarrassment, and I’m confident that future iterations will be equally as painless!

-Anne Melnyk | Marketing Strategist & Mentor

My other marketing materials are now easier to write

Stella Orange’s production lab paid off for me big-­‐time. Not only did Stella manage to turn writing my web copy, a task I was dreading, into something fun and exciting each week, I finished the lab knowing I had the map and the wheels to drive my business forward.

Before completing the production lab, I had web copy that was dry and “I” focused: “I do this, and I do that.” I knew I had to make it more compelling, but I also wanted it to be informative. (There is a lot of confusion about what image consultants do.) “Write Your Website” turned that around for me, and gave me the tools to express what I do and who I serve with enthusiasm and imagination. My big wins?

  1. Got my website copy done;
  2. My other marketing materials (social media, emails, etc.) are flowing out and easy to write;
  3. I now have an operational system for booking appointments out of every piece of writing I do (this was a bonus of WYW, by watching what Stella did).

Stella isn’t just Orange – she’s golden in my business!

-Susan Hesselgrave | Radiance Image Consulting

My website now has a personal touch

Before working with Stella, I was somewhat at a loss in putting together copy for my website pages. I could create the content, but not in a way that someone with the perspective that she takes when putting together copy. Her perspective takes what’s important and of value about your business and mixes in your own personal appeal, so your viewers get a personal feel about you from viewing your site. I think that is extremely valuable in today’s marketplace.

-Ann Reynolds | Founder & Educator, Wine Compliance Alliance

My website now authentically expresses my unique offering

Stella helped me reconnect with my love for writing and unleash my playfulness in a way that has me feel juiced up and ecstatic to launch my new business!

Before working with Stella, I was concerned about my site being boring and unoriginal. After working with Stella, I feel confident that my site makes a statement that cleverly and authentically expresses my unique offering. I just know it will draw in exactly the kind of client I hope to work with.

Stella taught me how to clarify and articulate what I do in a compelling way. She helped me tap into my unique personality-my best marketing tool-and I’m feeling much more confident about what I have to offer!

-Sige Weisman | Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist - San Francisco Women's Therapy | http://www.sfwomenstherapy.com

The best money I spent this year!

You could put me in front of 5,000 people and I would have no problem, but when it came to writing my website, I lost my confidence. I was really all over the map.

I’ve done a few other programs in the past year—I believe in investing in myself. And I just told my husband this: the Write Your Website program was the best money I spent this year. I have hit the jackpot. It gave me the confidence to write and create my website. On those calls, you had handouts. You showed us what to do. You gave examples. You made it so simple and clear. I keep going back to the handouts, because I know you gave us great instructions, step by step.

I appreciate your simplicity and realness. My website goes live Monday. It would not be possible without your class. Is it perfect? No. But like you said, it doesn’t need to be perfect. It just needs to be good enough.

-Tracey Vlahos | Weight Loss Coach | http://www.breakthroughliving.biz/

Your guidance really pushed me to move.

The Write Your Website program was fantastic. The material and your guidance really helped me get started moving forward. I was so stuck in a view of what my image as a physician should be (even though it never really fit me) that that view kept getting in my way, keeping me stuck, as I approached this new part of the business. Your guidance really pushed me to move.

I don’t remember how I found you but I am so glad that I did. Working with you has been joyful, rewarding and productive. I look forward to having fun working with you again in the future. I love the way you think – and write. Working with you led me to a whole new way of looking at my business.

I feel so much lighter and ready to move.

And all this began with your class. Bet you didn’t realize how much power you have. (I’ve got a really big smile here and I’m sending a giant hug.)

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

-Dr. Judy Chiger | http://www.drjudychiger.com/

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Write Your Website is for you if…


You’re a seasoned business owner, who needs to write your website.

You’re newer in business and you want to establish a presence on the web.

You’re just been hired to write someone else’s website and you’re all “um, great, now how do I actually do that?”

You’re in another business building program but aren’t getting strong, clear guidance around the website writing piece.

Write Your Website is NOT for you if…


You don’t have a business.

You don’t know what you sell.

You don’t care about people, you just want to sell.

You’re a whiner.

You don’t do the work.

Stella taught me how to give my people the info they need to make an informed investment

Before working with Stella I had NO idea how to write a persuasive sentence, let alone one that actually sounded like me. Writing for sales was a dark, scary, unknown. Every time I tried to talk about my work I left graspy, salesy and fake. Learning how to write for sales was easily the most lucrative thing I have done for my business. The first time I worked with her, I enjoyed my first ever five-figure launch.

-Amy Pearson | Live Brazen | http://www.livebrazen.com

I now have a sense of how what I write will be received my people

[After working with Stella], I have more confidence in my writing. I just sat down to write a blog post, and it just flowed out of me. I have a stronger sense of how what I am writing will be received by my people. I used to be embarrassed to show people my writing. Not anymore–and that has helped me really focus on my writing skills. It’s eliminated tons of stress. I used to get so stressed out and freaked out, just sitting down to write my copy. And writing launches REALLY used to freak me out. I used to feel so out of control, everything was last minute. I didn’t even believe it was possible to have copy that was so clear (and that’s actually helped me develop my content + curriculum too).

-Summer Bock | Fermentationist and creator of Gut Rebuilding | http://www.summerbock.com

I feel confident in my ability to write copy that gets my message out there.

Before working with Stella, I was completely paralyzed by the fear of writing my website and newsletter. Now, after completing the lab, I feel confident in my ability to write copy that gets my message out there to my prospects. I reference the material I learned in that lab literally every single week. Thank you Stella for teaching me what I didn’t know that I didn’t know!

-Jenna Dodge | CrossFit Business and Wealth Expert